Don’t Just Take Our Word For ItMark Metts Wellness Coach Testimonials

Mark has been so helpful to both me and my family. After having chronic pain for over 30 years due to a sports injury, ONE session with Mark took away my pain. Not only was the pain gone, but I didn’t even have pain while moving! Marks approach with love and care, along with the BEMER, has been a game changer for me! After seeing Mark, I awake without pain and feel like a new person.

Jessica T

I had eyelid surgery and decided to rent the Bemer Pro for a couple weeks post surgery. The doctor told me I would have swelling and bruising around my eyes for a couple weeks after the procedure. I began using the Bemer Pro the day after the surgery. I never experienced any bruising at all. The swelling was down after day two. The Bemer really helped my recovery. I was amazed at the results.

Phil G.

I have known Mark Metts for several years. I started with some Bemer therapy sessions that made an incredible difference in my health and well-being. I have also tried his alkaline water and several of his wellness products. Mark provides quality care and quality products. I had tried everything to improve my knee condition, while trying to avoid surgery. I even contemplated stem cells (which in the end would not have helped my condition-after spending $12K). I was looking into moving my master bedroom downstairs because I could hardly walk up and down my home staircase.

I began with the Bemer sessions, despite the physical distance that I had to travel, twice per week. I felt improvement early on and by the end of a month, I was walking normally again. I purchased a Bemer from Mark and now, several years later (and at the age of 69), find myself running up and down the stairs, like I did when I first moved in, in my mid 20’s.

Mark is a person of the highest integrity. He is honest as the day is long! He goes the extra mile to help anyone in need and is extremely knowledgeable in his profession. Thank you, Mark, for all of your help through the years and for helping me regain my quality of life!

Norma Lopez-Reid

Currently working with Mark on improving blood circulation to heal a wound caused by a second degree burn on my foot after 4 months of Dr giving me the run around. Allowing my wound to get worse to Dr being extreme talking about possible amputation

The first session I could feel warmth in my foot, my foot felt more flexible not as stiff. notice a change in posture as well had a great night sleep. I used Bemer a second day with 1 day in between. I notice more movement in my foot as well warm sensation.

I also been drinking AlkaViva hydrogen rich water and notice my lips don’t feel as chapped. I’ve always felt dehydrated.

I’m excited for this journey of services.

Mrs. Robinson

I had a great first appointment with Mark. He explained the benefits of the Bemer machine, and I was excited to try it out. First appointment and already feeling great. Thanks Mark. Looking forward to my upcoming appointments.

Lucy A.

Great experiences. I was in a skateboarding accident and had a bad scar on my knee and healed up nicely with the BEMER. Currently treating my broken collarbone and is bringing pain levels down drastically.

Cody Maxcy

My grandson tore his pectoral muscle after his gym workout. He was in excruciating pain and immediately went to the emergency room. After x-rays, they told him he would need surgery. He then went straight over to Mark. After 3 weeks (Six-60 minute sessions) using the Beamer, exercises that Mark recommended and nutritional advice, he was 80-90% pain free with no surgery. He’s back to the gym with no restrictions. I highly recommend Mark and the beamer!

Patricia J.

Over the years of working out and working in construction I’ve developed stiff shoulders and a bad ankle. Mark was able to remove the stiffness and pain in my shoulder and ankle within two treatments. I recommend Mark for anyone looking to improve their health & knowledge of wellness.

Joe Frotoe

Just got mine today and I absolutely love my new alkaline machine! The water is so pure you can definitely taste the difference. Mark explained everything to me and answered all my questions perfectly! Very satisfied will recommend! Awesome!!😊

Alanis Halsey

I’m very grateful to Mark for educating my wife and I on the benefits of AlkaViva water. He arranged financing & delivery of my machine and took care of all the installation in my home. Thank you Mark for your outstanding customer service and bringing good health to my family.

Martin Galante

The only place in the area to get Kangen water and Bemer therapy, and Mark actually sits with you and explains the details and benefits of the products he offers. You can tell he really cares about the health of others which is essential in a wellness coach!

Danielle Johnston