Hi, I am Mark Metts

Your new personal wellness coach.

Hello and welcome to Metts Wellness

I’m 64 years old and I have over 34 years of experience. By using these practices in my own life, I have:

  • Maintained the same healthy weight for 31 years.
  • Eliminated prescription medications for sinus/allergies, acid reflux, back and sciatica pain.
  • Resolved bloating, constipation, and IBS issues.
  • Resolved ADD and afternoon crashes.
  • Healthy skin and hair.
Holistic Wellness

  • Weight Management

  • Emotional Issues / Stress Reduction

  • Sports Recovery

  • Sleep Issues

  • Bloating / Swelling

  • Inflammation Reduction

  • Anti-Aging

  • Balance Body PH

  • Improve Skin Tone

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